What's the difference between a Website and Web App?

A website is basically a web app. Many websites you visit are actually powerful web apps. Some websites are actually also published as desktop and mobile apps. So you can have a codebase for your application built and maintained which turns into a website, iOS and Android application at the same time. Apps built using React Native are pretty neat in this way.

What tools do you use to build with?

Full Stack JavaScript tools such as React/Redux, Node.

NOTE: We no longer build and design on WordPress.

What if I want to DIY and just need some guidance on building my website?

If you need help creating your content and just need some guidance, we recommend a course Amber built which you can find on Skillshare.

Didn't you used to build WordPress websites?

We used to build using WordPress and other platforms. We now work exclusively in the JavaScript/React/Node environment.

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