divi keyboard shortcuts

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Divi is already amazing with their visual builder. When they came out with these features, I was totally amazed.

One of the things I use so much when building landing pages and websites with Divi is their keyboard shortcut feature. Here are just a few amazing Divi keyboard shortcuts you absolutely need to make your life easier. You probably already know a lot of these since they’re often the same shortcuts you use with other apps.

  1. Undo
    • For Mac Users: Command + Z
    • For Windows Users: Ctrl + Z
  2. Redo
    • For Mac Users: Command + Y
    • For Windows Users: Ctrl + Y
  3. Save
    • For Mac Users: Command + S
    • For Windows Users: Ctrl + S
  4. Copy Module, Row or Section: Hover over the item then
    • For Mac Users: Command + C
    • Windows Users: Ctrl + C
  5. Paste Module, Row or Section: Hover the new area or the + symbol for a new Module, Row, or Section.
    • For Mac Users: Command + V
    • For Windows Users: Ctrl + V
  6. Copy Design Settings (so useful for dealing with multiple similar modules!): Hover over the module then
    • For Mac Users: Option + Command + C
    • For Windows Users: Alt + Ctrl + C
  7. Paste Design Settings:
    • For Mac Users: Option + Command + V
    • For Windows Users: Alt + Ctrl + V

Want to know more? Find more Divi Keyboard Shortcuts here.

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